1. Ubuntu Linux history and how Ubuntu is differs from other distros
  2. Get a complete understanding of Linux computing environment

  3. Learn to perform advance Linux/Unix operations and manage infrastrcuture

Gain essential skills with Ubuntu Linux Fundamentals 2020



  • Basic knowledge of Linux is essential to take this course

Ubuntu’s a great place to start learning Linux. It’s a well maintained, full featured, well documented and supported, free operating system.

Unleash the power of Ubuntu’s command line tools.

By the end of this course, you’ll know:

  • What Linux is

  • What Distributions or Distro’s are

  • When Ubuntu’s a fit and when it’s not

  • How to install Ubuntu Server and Desktop

    • Installation on VirtualBox is included in the course

    • VirtualBox is free software that lets you run other Operating Systems with an application on your computer

    • There’s no need to find or buy an old computer to run Ubuntu on

    • VirtualBox lets you try Ubuntu or any other Operating System without risk

  • How to navigate the Ubuntu Desktop using the Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • How to keep your system up to date

  • What Shell’s are

  • How to navigate your system at the command line using the BASH shell

  • Essential BASH commands

  • Manipulating files with BASH

  • How to manage packages with apt package manager

  • How to add and remove users from the system

  • Managing Files

    and more…



Who this course is for:

  • You are interested in learning Linux
  • You have little to no experience with Linux
  • You want to learn how Linux may fit into your life and work
  • You want to become comfortable with the power and flexibility Linux offers
  • You want to expand your career options by understanding Ubuntu Linux Server.
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